June 15th, 2006

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header and free text not showing up // SOLVED.

Ok, I started customizing my Component Layer about a year ago, but I gave up and have been using different styles ever since. But, I've recently starting using component again, and I've run into a couple of problems.

Problem 1. I can't get my header to show up.
I'm trying to get it to show up next to my sidebar components, and I've tried the tutorial, but I think the other codes are contradicting it. I just have no clue what to erase to make the header show up, but still have my layout look like it does.

Problem 2. I can't get my free text blurb to show up. I know it's because my coding is very messy and all over the place, but I don't know enough about S2 to be able to know what to erase.

Any help is very much appreciated.

My layer: 4370852
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Customising entries... Help is really needed!

I have figured out how not to show tags, but I don't want my own user pics to show up on my entry page, I want to change the security icons to text and I want all my "edit" link as text and at the bottom - and I just can't figure out how to do it!

Everything worked fine with the old version of customising entries, but now people's voice posts are messing with my layout - so it's time to use the new version...