June 21st, 2006

Opus irritated
  • seshen

yes icons, no layout

I made a simple change in the Custom Options, "display userpic with your entries." And that wiped out most of my layout. I had a top picture, and several free text boxes to the right. All gone now.

Is this a glitch in the Component structure? Where did my layer go? AAUUUUGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

EDIT: OK, I've figured out part of it. I need to rebuild a few parts. But, what happened initially? Why did my layer go away when I made that change?
Adults -- mysticmirth

My Header has vanished

I originally added up a header a long time ago, but it vanished a week or two ago. I've tried to mess with the layers. I've tried replacing the html with the code I originally had placed in to over-write whatever might have happened. Nothing still. I'm very confused and would love some help to get my header back above my setup.

Update: Problem solved! Thanks for all the help!