June 23rd, 2006

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Justified Text ???...

maybe I'm blind, or maybe just stupid but I can't seem to find out how to do something that I think should be remotely easy!
I want my text in my entries and components to be justified instead of normal..can anyone tell me the codes i need to do that?

This community rocks...(although it has way too many rules that i don't have time to read! ;P ). I really appreciate the help, my problem has already been solved and its only been a few short hours :) THANKS!

Smilies , CTE4 and Rounded Component Footers help?

I'm not new to component or s2, just new to the upgraded tutorials here (which I'm using to rebuild my customizations from scratch). I'm using Cte 4 and rounded component footers for the entries, sidebar and entry pages, along with the Spiffy Date format. I want to be able to have the spiffy date with the rounded component footers, smilies (in the entries and comments) with the linkbar at the bottom of the entry component? Can it be done?

I went searching for answers and I did find this. I used those codes and they worked but at the same time they moved my linkbar (memories, edit, etc - I think it's called a linkbar) back between the icon and the entry, when I wanted them to stay at the bottom. So I took the smilies out. I also have two wierd things happening with the rounded components (see here) and my security icons repeating even though I can see in the code where it says background-repeat: no repeat; (see here).

I'm sure it's probably alot to ask (well, for me it is) so any help is greatly appreciated!

And just in case, my layer: 6778920
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