June 29th, 2006

me :D

Adding An Extra Component

I used pamelajoy's component tutorials to get my journal looking exactly how I want it to, especially with the scrolling boxes on the left hand side of my layout. The tutorial was really easy to follow and my journal looks exactly how I want it to.

However what I want to do is add another box underneath the component entitled "m u s i c" where I can put in the code for a last.fm playlist. I don't care whether the box scrolls like the "m u s i c" and "f a v o u r i t e s", I just want another component to put the playlist in, above the calender. (I hope that makes sense.)

The name of the theme is electricbluestars and its number is 5377108. If that doesn't work, the code is Collapse )

The Last.fm playlist is Collapse )

I'm pretty sure that the last.fm playlist isn't wider than the width of the components I've already got.

Any help is much appreciated in advance. :)

EDIT: Problem solved.