July 5th, 2006

Jennifer 18

User mini icon

I've looked through the tutorials, memories and older posts, but I don't think anybody ever asked about this before. However, if I missed it I'd be very grateful if you could point me in the right direction.

I'm gotten bored of the default user mini icon that appear every time I link to another journal or community, and I've noticed that a large number of users have these custom mini icons like for example. Nobody I've seen of far uses the component layout which is why their override codes obviously won't work.

Can anybody give me an override for changing the mini icon? I'd great appreciate any help, thank you!
Frill Daisy

Component and entries overlapping background in IE and Opera.

I did a new background last night and noticed today that the sidebar components are overlapping the bordered edge of my background. This doesn't happen in Firefox - only IE and Opera. The layer is viewable as #4477030. I have tried adjusting the percentage in the shrinking and centering code that I have but that isn't working. It appears to be the control panel code that's blowing it but only in IE and Opera.

Please advise how I can fix this - thanks so much!

Edited to add: It appears that the control panel doesn't appear in Seamonkey (version of Firefox, formally Mozilla Suite). How is this possible? *scratches head*

Edited again: The control panel is indeed not appearing in Firefox. Now how do I get that to appear and keep the border on my background visible?

Issue still not solved - but some can see the control panel in FF!

Resolution is 1280x960 and a screencap is here:
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