July 27th, 2006

border color

Does anyone know if it's possible to just change the border color of your components?  I want the component to be black, but with a pink border color.  I've looked in the tutorials, but I can't find anything.
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and we're done!

those of you who are still here after that flood, thanks!

we reposted all the important stuff as an account with which component_help's document administrators can use to edit instead of all the changes requiring me to do all the work.

please update your bookmarks if you have some as the older entries will no longer be updated - and eventually be deleted - and comments have been disabled on these entries.
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Component Issues

I am having a problem with my left sidebar additional components not showing up. I made sure free text was enabled and it was. So I am not sure whats going on with that. And everything is compiled properly. [SOLVED]

Another thing, I am having a problem with is that my layout tends to take up the whole screen and I would like it to match the width of my header. [Please disreguard this] [This has been fixed and is no longer a problem]

Also I would like my friends page layout to match the width of my recent page layout and not change size. I notice its been doing that. Is there something I can do to fix that? Is there anyway I can keep the layout on all pages to keep the same width? [SOLVED]

Thank you all for your patience and help with the questions I ask. I really do appreciate it.

Also thanks in advance to anyone who helps me with these issues.

Thank you goes to uniquewonders for her never ending patience and help!!!
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