July 29th, 2006

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Navigation Strip

ETA- fixed!

I'm not exactly sure how to turn on the navigation strip in component. I've read the tutorial in the paidaccounts FAQ that says you need to turn the strip on. I can't seem to find the function page print area where the tutorial says that the code needs to go. Can someone help me? I've made my layers visable and the number is 7022734.

Thank you!
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Help ?

hi everyone Im new to lj and Im wondering if anyone could help me with my layout.I would like to remove the permalink from the middle of the journals layout and then add another box of interests.If you need my codes let me know by commenting back.

does anyone know how to put an image of your desktop and also the control pannel on the left hand side and also another component box on the right hand side let me know please.
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Changing The Order of Metadata & Adding A Space Above The Header

1) Is there a way to change the order of the metadata?
No: location, mood, music, tags
Yes: mood, music, location, tags
SOLVED: var bool loc_after_mood = true; # set to true to print location after mood

2) I'd like to put a 5px space above my header so that it's not squished right up at the top of the browser. How do I do that?
SOLVED: Thanks to daimones (see comments).

Tutorials Used:
(Square) Components on Both Sides w/Header
Customizing the Entries
Spiffy Date
(along with a few others I can't remember right now)


Any help is always appreciated!

bar at top with logged in as info?

I am trying to find instructions in the tutorials for displaying and or hiding the bar that Livejournal added a while ago to the top of the entries pages that shows who you are logged in as (with a shrunken default icon), and whose journal you are currently viewing, only I don't know what to call that bar.

I am asking about this bar:

Is this the:
status bar?
navigation bar?
navigation strip?
...something else?

if you could point me towards which function governs its display, I would be most appreciative?