August 3rd, 2006

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Confused.... [Solved]

Ok.  In the custom titlebar tutorial it states that in the welcome note html is taken as long as it's valid.  And I have successfully used codes like <br>, <b>, <center> and the like.  However, I now am trying to do a simple linked image and as soon as I put in <a href> or <img src>, it gives me an error.  I am very confused on why it is not taking these codes, especially since these are viable and closed html codes which I've tested in several other places.  I've found a way around this problem, but I just want to confirm whether or not these codes should work within the welcome note.  Thank you.

Add text status to reply page and remove extra timestamp?

EDIT: fixed, thanks to uniquewonders!

I have two problems that I can't seem to fix.

On the reply page where you have the comment form to add a comment, I want to change the security icon to text (I already have this code implemented, but for some reason it does not work on the reply page. (No icon shows up on the reply page for public entries for some reason - but for friends only or private entries on the reply page, there's an icon.)

you can see here:

Also, there seems to be a double timestamp on all the entries after the security status where the date is. I can't seem to find where to remove it, since I already have a timestamp that displays the date and time.

(Excuse the visible table borders, my LJ is still being worked on.)

Any help will be appreciated. =)

Layer is viewable, ID is #7056783.
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