August 10th, 2006

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question.. ( layout loading extremely slow )

Is anyone else having a problem with their component layout loading extremely slowly, especially on the friends view? When I go to read my friends page, on my computer, or any other computer, it'll load, then freeze for a minute like it's trying to do something, then let me finally do something again. It doesn't do this with any other layout I use, because I switched layouts and it worked fine. It started doing this about a week ago, so just wondering if anyone know's whats up? Thanks if you can help me.
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Components on both sides- Solved!

I added the code to have components on both sides of my journal and it worked fine. However, I'm not sure where to put my header code. Do I add the old code I have or is there something in this new code? The title of the code says optional header, but if the header link goes in there I'm completely missing where.

My layer is visible and the number is 7097029. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Changing component size

Me again. *blushes* Thanks to help from celticdreamz I have the components on both sides working and I figured out how to change the component on the left side (my custom ones). Can I change the ones on the right? Changing the numbers in the code for the right side doesn't seem to do anything. I'm assuming it's because those are the 'default' components.

making thumnail placeholders, removing tag button, removing metadata location link

SOLVED! thanks everyone ;)

Ok .. I have an idea.

Is there anyway to have a placeholder that is actually a thumnail of the actual picture(s) in an entry?

I know livejournal already has a function that allows you to make all images posted in entries into a 'placeholder' so that they won't stretch your friends page. But my question is, instead of the generic placeholder image, is there a way to make images that are posted in friends or community pages into thumbnails of the actual image? (only if they are big enough to make the friends page stretch, not for images that are too small.)

I turned on the placeholder for large images only, but instead of just making just the large images that would make the entries stretch into placeholders, it makes ALL images in placeholders. ;(

Or a way to change the generic placeholder image?

Also, I'm trying to get rid of the 'tags' button on all entries and remove the 'google map' link from the 'location' metadata. Does anyone know how to do that in CTE 4.0? I couldn't find any help in the memories.

Thanks, any help will be appreciated, ^^
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Tracker Feature Button Customization

This little button is a gawd-awful color on my journal and I realize that it's somewhat in the beta stage for *certain* types of accounts, so not everyone will know what it is for or for whom BUT...

I am in need of the code to be able to install my own custom colored button for this feature if it is available.

Please let there be a code available. It's making me twitch that the color clashes with my journal.

Thanks in advance. :)

edit/update: code is in the comments and is working. Thank you!
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