August 27th, 2006

bold links only in entries?

Solved, thanks to kunzite!

Is there a way to get ONLY the links inside all entries bold without making any other link bold? I tried to do it, but it makes all my navagation links and everything else bold too, and I don't want that.

I could do it manually, but that's kinda hard .. besides, I want it to show up on friend's pages too.

Any help is appreciated, of course.
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Icon/username alignment problem in entries ..

fixed on my own, thanks!

Ok, i'm having a icon/username alignment problem in my entries that show icons and usernames on the left side.

you should be able to see what I mean here:

I've tried everything .. alignment with span classes in the css, div alignment, adding the alignment to the TD in the tables .. nothing works.

Everything in the entry is fine, but I just want the icon and the usernames under it to be aligned to the very top. How would I do that?

Thanks for any help as usual. ;)
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