September 1st, 2006


What the heck! I go on livejournal and just noticed that now there is a "tags" component & the "page summery" component on my layout!! How do i get rid of these!?

EDIT: i see the post below me gave the code to get rid of tags, so all i need is the codes to get rid of the other things

double Edit: solved!


I had followed the funky Tag tutorial and it was all ok til I think yesterday and now my tags are just in a long list down my page.
Anyone know what I can do?


*EDIT* - OK I fixed this by putting

set show_tags = false;

into my User Layout code.

Don't mess with the stupid customisations on the Config cos if overwrites your user code -
I've had to go back to a back up I made luckily a few weeks ago but I've now lost alot of changes I made since.
It pays to back up first sigh xxx

Anyone know why they've changed the links to advanced customise things so I can't go to my layers and styles except through the favourites/bookmarks I luckily had made?

getting icon centered on entries

Ok, so now I got the entries fixed without any errors .. but now I have a small problem with the icons.

The icons look fine when the username under them is not longer then the width of the icon, but when it is, the icon looks off center. I tried centering the icon, but that doesn't work, either by div classes or in the CSS.

The usernames are aligned to the left, but the icon wont move to the center no matter what I do.

Here's pictures of what I mean:

when the username is longer then the icon:

when the username is shorter then the icon:

I think centering the icon will fix this problem, also for icons smaller then 100x100, but I can't figure out how to do it. Any help will be appreciated!

My viewable layer ID: #7075172
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