September 22nd, 2006

furball - huh?

entry components and quick reply options

I have a few final tweaks I'd like on my journal, and hopefully you guys can help.

1. SOLVED - thanks to uniquewonders
I did the Customizing the Entries tutorial, but I would like to have my "entry components" (the buttons for edit entry/edit tags/memory/etc...) back up under the usericon, instead of at the bottom (the permalink and comment links can stay at the bottom, although I'd then like them to stretch out across the area that the components were in). In the comments of the Customizing Entries tutorial, there was a link here that said someone had done it, but the theme layer code there is gone. I imagine it's just a matter of moving the cell around, but because of all the variable type info, I'm afraid I'll break something.

2. (this question changed since original post a few minutes ago)
I got the replies to be inline (I didn't realize that was called "Quick Reply"), thanks to this tutorial, but I seem to have lost a link in the process. It no longer shows how many people left a comment, so like before it would say "6 thoughts or say a thought"... now it just says "or say a thought" - which looks a little silly. SOLVED - I had to remove "function CommentInfo::print_readlink" info.


modifying page summaries

I'm revamping my layout for the_lj_reboot, and so far all of the tutorials here have been very helpful, but I have come across a small problem: I'm using masterslacker's page summary tutorial, and I've managed to get my summary to look like this → Collapse )

What I really want is this: Collapse )

I've tried tables - which didn't work out so well, ack - and css things like float:left, etc, but to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)

Collapse )

edit: solved. thank you!
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