October 14th, 2006


Clear gifs in linkbar

Solved, thank you very much, uniquewonders!!

I'm back again. I wanted userpics in comments to link to the user's allpics.bml page and to show keywords on mouseover. This tutorial does that, but the thing is it's a couple of years old, and recreates the older comment header style. I don't like the linkbar with the grey buttons; how can you make it use the buttons with the transparent background?
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Cindy edge of reason

Viewing Friend's Journal

From my friend's page, when I click into my friends' journals, rather than seeing their journal style, I see my own. Only after I have updated a comment to their journal would I then see their journal styles. This has been annoying me for some time and I searched through the memories and I don't think I've seen any solution that fits my problem. I also checked the "edit customizations" of component and I did not see any selection that would correct my problem. Any help that you can provide would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

EDIT: My problem was solved. Thanks!