October 30th, 2006

Adding components to the left as well as right

I want to add another set of components to the left side. There currently all on the right. I tryed the tutorial in the memories, but to do that I need to use that code as the bulk and add my component text and style sheet. Which ment I lost my welcome note, header. Could someone please show me in my code where and what I need to put in, before adding all the new components.

my layer id is: 7300151
& my code is under the cut
Cats: Kitty in boot icon

Icons in entries and replyform colors

I am looking to change 2 things in my Component lay-out:

1. I would like to see my icons within the actual entry instead of the entryholder. Could somebody please give me the code? I used to have it, but lost it and can't find it in the tutorials. SOLVED

2. I would like to change the background color of the textbox and the subject box in the replyform. Is this possible? SOLVED

Thank you