November 2nd, 2006

bringing component closer..

i'm sorry, this is probably one of the stupidest questions one could ask. but i've been looking through and trying tutorials for the past 2 days now trying to avoid asking here. i feel like i'm just looking in the wrong place or i'm not doing something right. how do i bring the component closer to my header and not so spaced out? i tried the center/shrinking tutorial and i'm not sure if that's the right one i should use but it messed up my whole layout and made the components the same height as my entries.

also, for some reason my dates are not showing up. in mozilla the time shows up but in IE on my computer the time doesn't even show up either. - FIXED

if you need my layer number it is 7584472 & the style is 13411013.

thanks for any and all help again, i really appreciate it as i am new to all of this. ♥