November 28th, 2006

Square Corners - SOLVED

I have followed the tutorial here because I want the square version, however, I followed the directions, by changing the 
"true" to "false" here:  var bool   k1Sroundnavbar   = true;     # set to false for square navbar corners
but it is still showing up as rounded. This is my Layer ID: 7736268 if someone could look at it, and tell me what I am doing wrong it would be appreciated!

EDIT: SOLVED thanks to


Component Mood Theme Alignment

Is there a way I can get my mood theme to work like this (image I crapply made with my own mood theme... in paint >.>)? Or is there anything I can do to change the style my mood theme is showed when I make a post. Instead of the normal way it's shown...
I checked the tutorials and I didn't see anything of mood themes so I thought I'd ask. I've found a code, but it only works in the flexible squares or smooth sailing style. D:
Thanks in advance!!
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