November 29th, 2006


new layout!

uniquewonders and i have yet again developed a new layout for the community.

we'll still have the tutorials page, but it's been completely overhauled.
we'll still have the old tutorials page available.
we'll still have the components on the right side of the layout.

we're adding a new "sticky announcements box" like s2flexisquares.

she'll be putting it live soon.

tell us what you think! :D
  • albur

Icon Replacements and Square Components:

Hi there,

I have a few questions/queries actually, and I have to ask that you be patient with me, because I'm not a coder, and deciphering what to use and what not to is difficult for me. I have looked at various tutorials, seen what I think may be relevant, but I'm really not sure, and like I said, deciphering what I need from the codes is confusing to me, which is why I'm asking for help. :)

1: There are various tutorials I have looked at regarding the square components, but I am also currently using this tutorial, and I've noticed a square/rounded components section in the code. What I'm asking I suppose, is if I need to edit the code I have already to create square components or if I need another one. If so, would you mind giving me the specific tutorial I need? SOLVED

2: I want to change not only the image, but also the position of the EDIT, TAG, MEMORIES, TRACK links. I wanted to have them beneath my user entry icon. Is there any way I can do both using one tutorial? Again, if not/so would you be kind enough to direct me to the right tutorial? SOLVED

3: Almost the same as above, but this time I just wanted to change the image of the DELETE, SCREEN, FREEZE, TRACK links in the comments area. Again, is this possible, and what tutorial do I need? SOLVED

4: Finally, I've noticed a slight anomaly regarding my lj.user image in my summary box component. On my friends page they appear fine as shown here, but on my entries page, the userman is default, shown here. This isn't actually a problem, I can live with it, but I'm rather intrigued at why this is! NO LONGER RELEVANT

My layer ID is 7745179. I'm very much aware that my coding is probably all over the place, and some things could have been put in a lot more simply, but like I said, I'm no coder!

Many Thanks is advance to anyone who can help me out.

Many Thanks to uniquewonders! :)