December 1st, 2006

SOLVED: Tags Component: Drop Down Selector

I used the code listed in this entry, to get the tags drop down menu selector. It saved & compiled perfectly, yet the tags aren't showing up any differently ( I had the same problem with the tags cloud view, so I was thinking perhaps I left something out in my user layer? ). The entry asked that we create a post rather than commenting on the post, so any help?

Thank you, in advance =]

SOLVED. thank you uniquewonders!

comments stretching my journal

SOLVED with thanks

Paid user, S2 Component, Layerid #7719770

I often get many comments to my posts and they end up stretching out my entry boxes so that they cover the image I have as a background (it reverts back to the normal width once 50 comments are posted). I have tried setting the width to px instead of % but there is no difference. I have also looked through the tutorials and done a search but I cannot seem to find anything to help me. I don't particularly need this for my front journal page, or for my friends list, it's just for when individual entries get widened.

I am not sure if setting a fixed width with scroll bars would be the solution, or if the text would automatically wrap with a fixed width.

The layout code I currently have started from an early tutorial by Pamela Joy and has since been added to and cobbled together by myself and various assistants along the way. I am unsure which area, if there is an applicable code, I should adjust.

I would appreciate any and all assistance on this.