February 24th, 2007

  • katana1

Issues with sizes of Components

Hi all,

I am trying to do a couple of things that must have already been done before but I cannot find the right tutorials to read.

Firstly, my main component changes size depending on whether there is a wide image in it or not. I would like to set a minimum width so that, if there is no picture on the site, I don't end up with a column the size of a pencil.

Secondly, I am trying to fix the width of the right hand side components on my page.

child of layer 24857,

theme: 7725130               katana1_centralise&shrink

Many thanks for any pointers.
beach 24

Scrollbars in entries

Hello there.
I've been  using Shrinking and Centering tutorial plus the Square components one.
Plus I added the scroll bars to entries so the Friendspage won't get stretched out...
But recently I've noticed that when my friends post youtube videos, I would get just empty entries instead...
So I found the updated version of shrinking&centering and the Squarecomponents work fine and I can see the videos now...
But the scrollbars tutorial makes the video disappear again... So I suppose it hasn't been updated...
I used this tutorial for scrollbars
And it also makes the Components round again...
I would really appreciate some help on putting the scrollbars into my entries, but so the videos would be shown as well...
Thanks in advance! )

Also I tried to add the scrollbars part from my old code. But it also makes the video disappear...

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