April 7th, 2007

Age of Innocence

SOLVED - Need help installing tags in custom component layer


By any chance would one of you lovelies have a chance to look at my layer and tell me how to add tag functionality to it? I made this layer long before tags and I'm having difficulty adding tags to it.

The layer is available [here] I'd like the tags in both the journal view and the friends view.

Thank you.

p.s. - I'll send you one of those new virtual gifts LJ added recently. :)
misc - miss you

horizontal scrollbar problem

I just noticed that a horizontal scrollbar appears every time you click to reply to an entry from the entries view, it doesn't do it when you click to read comments and reply that way. So the quick reply and entries page doesn't have the scrollbar, only the main reply page. (If that makes sense.) What do I need to change in my layer to fix that?