July 31st, 2007

Extra line in navigation bar - SOLVED

Dear friends, could you please help me out? I've been working on my layer, and everything compiled correctly. I just went to view it, and found that now I have this line at the bottom of the navigation bar. Also, my links in the nav bar there are no longer vertically centered. Go to my journal to see.

How do I fix these problems?

My layer, syntax highlighted, can be found here.

Thanks so much in advance.

SOLVED! Much thanks to uniquewonders!

Change link behavior

Now for my second (most likely) stupid question of the day...

I want to change the way my links behave, and have no idea how to do this. I have an inkling that it would be handled in print_custom_head, but not sure what to do exactly.

What I want is for the links to not be underlined and to either underline or under and overline when I hover my mouse over it.

How can this be done?

My layer, syntax highlighted, can be found here.

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Line height in the profile component.

1. How do I adjust the line height in the profile component?
2. The freeze/track/delete buttons on the comments, how do I get them to be text, and alongside the Reply/Thread/Parent?
3. How do I get a gap between the comment text and the comment header?
4. How do I get rid of the gap between the navigation and the first entry? I tried using the seamless tutorial, but it doesn't seem to work.

LJ username is tick_
Style ID: #17375169
Theme Layer ID: 8919103

And, er, I still need a little help with a problem on another style. I posted the question a couple of days ago, it's here.

Thank-you in advance.