November 16th, 2007

Metadata, userman and navstrip

Metadata [SOLVED]
I'm trying to put a square box around my metadata. I've tried all the tut's avaliable with no effect. It's most likely because I have no idea where to put the codes and end up messing up the codes I'm already using. uniquewonders has kindly helped me with this in the past, but I have changed layouts since then, and stupidly ended up losing the codes. So, I need help again I'm afraid. I don't want the look of my layout to change at all from what it is now, except for the metadata. I just need to be directed to some compatible codes, and given tips as to where to put them.

Userman [SOLVED]
I've used the below code before with no troubles until now. But for some reason my userman won't show up. I've tried changing all the figures in the code, but only succeed to bring back the default user icon, or have one on top of the other, or something similar. Could someone tell me why this is? I can't understand it since it has always worked before.

Navstrip [SOLVED]
I've got the viewing settings to incorporate my navstrip, but for some reason, when I use the custom colours... well, it doesn't work. Except for the POWERED BY LIVEJOURNAL link. I doubt this is anything to do with my layer, but I can't figure it out and I thought I'd ask.

My theme layer

Many, many thanks in advance. :)

user info icons and friends page help

So this my first time with a component layout. I usually do better with CSS codes. I'm using parachute's codes and I basically spent half the day teaching myself how to edit/adjust the codes to my liking. Anywho, two things I cannot figure out! Checked the mems and tags, and couldn't really find the help I need. Collapse )
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I'm new to component layouts- this is my first one I've done really.

I have three things I need help with, so if anyone can help me I would appreciate it so much.

FIRST: I cannot get the default LJ images for communities, users and such to change to my own images. I tried the coding in the help section. But maybe I am putting it in the wrong place? Where would I put it or what do I have to take out to make it work?

SECOND: I would like to have the Control Panel Component on the side, but again, the coding won't work. I get a compile error.

THIRD: I would like to add the number or comments to the comment images for leave comment/read comments. Do I have to add something to my exisiing code that I use for the images themselves?

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