January 2nd, 2008

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Five Last Questions: Finalizing Going Completely Rounded, CSS Font Question, A Small Fix, & Subjects

My Layer: #4542390

1) How do you get rounded footers on the tags page? Note: I'm using the Spiffy Tags Page tutorial.

2) How can you make the entire box rounded on the "error page" (aka "There were no entries on this date" page)? Note: I'm using a custom error page (not sure what to call it).

3) How can I fix my comment headers (where it says "thread started by" or "comment started by") to get them to perfectly match my component headers without changing the way the date looks on my entry headers? Note: I'm using the Spiffy Date tutorial.

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4) Is there a way to use CSS to specify how particular font should look?

For example, can you could make all < big > font in the entries also be bold and a specific color:

big {
color: $*header_fgcolor;
font-weight: bold;

5) For some reason putting this in my CSS is not working to customize my subject line and I can't figure out why:

.entryHeader {
color: $*header_bgcolor;
font-weight: bold;