January 3rd, 2008

Reading My Code

I have been reading my code and looking at the beginers tutorial and as I look through to figure out rounded corners I see to the left in the smaller box a menu with the words Nav. Classes, Funcs, Props. and was wondering do we use any of these other menu's to change codes?

Sorry for being so dumb when it comes to codes I was just curious.


Forgive me in advance I'm not too familiar with component HTML so this might be hard to understand. I also don't know what to tag this as.

I was just wonder where to do I go in my component code to change the tiny icons?

For example I want to go from this to this.
(Refering to the objects circled in RED.)

Help anyone? I have the tiny icons, I just don't know where to insert them in my code.
Also, does anyone know where these tiny icons came from orginally?