January 14th, 2008


Components order

Hi I'd like to rearrange my components a bit. I'm using the free_text_component. I made three extra ones. I have them placed in first position. But I also want to add another component called etc. as the very last component. But how can I do that if my free_text_component is set to first position? They by default go one right after the other. And I want that extra etc. component to go last, like ainabarad

I have free text in first position, profile in second, navigation in third position, links in fourth position, and calendar in fifth.

Any help on this would be awesome. Thank you so very much. And have a great day :)
lj - addict

2 Questions: Blockquote Customization & Designing Layouts

1) Is there a way to customize the way blockquote will appear when used in entries? I'd also love for the custom blockquote box to have rounded corners. Is that even possible?

2) I want to play around with different layouts to possibly make some for friends, but I have no idea how I can accomplish that without effecting my own layout in some way. I've noticed other people have been doing that often without changing the layout they are currently using whatsoever. How do you do that? I have some idea, but thought I should ask in case I'm wrong because I really, really don't want to accidentally change my current layout.