February 26th, 2008


Little tweaks with the new 'customizing entires' tutorial

Why hello there my little gentlebeings! Good to see you all alive and well and still using component!

Ya, I haven't posted here in absolutely ages, but since I last changed my code, embedding stuff like YouTube vids and such has become immensely popular, and thus terribly annoying for my little self, for it screws up my journal like fury. Yay!
So it was about time I finally upgraded my layer. The whole embedding screwy issue is definitely somewhere in the 'customizing the entries' code I was using, which I think was posted here back in ..2004? 5? Well, a long time ago anyways.

So, I am now using the new cte (which is actually 2 years old by now..go me!) which works like a charm!
BUT..there are a few tweaks and personalizations I was using in my old layout that I cannot for the life of me figure out in this new one.

For clarification, here are both screencaps and links to both new and old layer to compare. (The old one is fifteen shades of hack and five miles long, so beware!)

Collapse )

Thanks for listening, I know some of these are probably really simple, but I haven't messed with my code in ages so I am more than a little rusty...

Component rules!