March 10th, 2008


help, kunzite are you still here? lol


I am trying to fix my page so when people click on the comments or reply icons the page doesn't stretch. I was editing my component today and did something now the page is stretching and i dont know why, can anyone help me fix this?

-edit- i think it's my user icon showing on my entry in the reply page. i remember kunzite1 helped me take it out and now it's there again. HELP PLEASE this is driving me crazy!

visible = #6697147
White Lion corner

Tested all the new versions :)

I have been able to solve all the little things I wanted differently except:
* My entries and component side bar are no longer fully rounded. I have tried adding the old tweaks, but at no use so they were removed again.
* I cannot kill the gradient background in the navigation bar no matter what I try.
* My font size in the entries and the title bar are completely off; I want them to be Arial 11px - and I do have it in my CSS.

New layer id is 10875360

Header Background and ........

I was wondering if there is a tutorial about putting an image as my header background?
And also how to on my sidebar where I have my Favorite Authors every other name a different color? {just look on my layout}?
Thank you
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