April 25th, 2008

New Version of Custom Comments

Since LJ has modified the way the comment thread expander worked, the Custom Comments tutorial has been updated so you may want to update your code if you're using this tutorial. Be aware that, like Quick Reply, this feature uses technology some browsers may not support.

I've also added an option to implement horizontal scrollbars (turned off by default) when content in a comment makes your layout stretch. I'm not sure it works in IE so feedback about this would be welcome. :)
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Merging Two Tutorials To Customize The Reply Page?

1) Is there a way to merge these two tutorials: Rounded Reply Page (which I have in my layer) and Customize Your Entries: Reply Page? Unfortunately, I can't seem to make sense on how to go about merging the two myself.

2) Is there a way to fix the vertical alignment of the user/community icon in the navbar or is that a bug with LJ? Collapse )


My layer: #4542390