May 23rd, 2008

Willy Wonka

Calendar not highlighting days with entries

I've noticed that my calendar component is not highlighting anymore the day that I am making an entry in my LJ.  I thought it might be LJ being slow today so I posted a few test entries to see if it would catch up, but nothing so far.  Is anyone else having this problem or is it something with my code?

Layer ID

ETA:  Sorry for the edit, it must the be new code they pushed in LJ Releases.  They messed with the calendar view.  Ugh!!!  I posted a comment there too.

ETA #2:  Fixed!

erin bear

navigation bar?

Was some new code pushed out regarding the navigation bar? It's now stretched across the top of my page and the bottom and it wasn't like that yesterday. It used to be only 3/4ths of the top of my page. :( Now my page is all stretched out. :(

ETA: It was the new code they pushed yesterday. It appears to be fixed now.