June 9th, 2008

IE vs FF, Calendar Page, Entry Text

So in Firefox you can view all my custom images (meaning I used CSS to replace everything even in the reply form and comment boxes). Everything is extra pretty but in Internet Explorer everything is default. I don't remember having this problem before. Solved.

Also, in Firefox my entries are normal minus links are automatically bold with the help of CSS but in Internet Explorer the whole entry is bold? {I hate IE!) Solved.

For my calendar page, I'm trying this tutorial hoping for the result of 3 months per row instead of 2 so it looks cleaner. Once again, I used this tutorial in the past and did very little tweaking. This time though when I plug the code in I get 1 month for row 1 and 2 months for row 2. Solved.

Lastly, on my entries, the text now starts a large gap underneath the icon in most entries but in others it starts further on the right. I'd like the entry text to start 20px under the icon (or username if this is the friends page). Collapse ) Solved.

Thanks in advance! ♥