September 8th, 2008


Link Colors, Images, Permalink

I need help...sorry for all the questions. Here is my code. Thank you.

1. How do I change the color of the links in my footer? I have a black footer and my link color is black so you don't see anything unless you hover over the link.

2. I would like to get rid of the Comments bar. I saw that it was recently answered but I don't have the code you told the other user to delete.

3. How do I make the Reply and Expand in the comments an image? I was able to make the thread and parent an image but since the code is a different I'm not sure what to change.

4. I would like to move the permalink to the right with the other icons. If possible, I would like it to be the last icon.

5. I would like to move the the icons on the right up so that they are at the same height as the arrows. (see image)
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