December 7th, 2008

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Free text sidebar help

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me? This is more of an OCD sort of thing, but if you take a look at my sidebars, where the "all about her" header is and the "love box" and "listening" and "tags" headers - I'd love to add mini icons besides the text? I tried putting in an <*img src*> code, but that didn't work, and it messed up the layout.

The type of icons I'd love to put besides the header titles are of this size and type: here

Also, where my profile is, I have a small icon of myself and then some text? Is there any way to get the text aligned with the photo? Like this profile box: here

Thank you so much for your help, everytime I come here, the people are always so helpful and patient. :] I'll gladly do icons/ give songs/ etc or whatever odds and ends, because I know I can be troublesome, heh.

My codes for the sidebar are like so:
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