July 6th, 2010

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title links, nav bar, quick reply and conceptual pop ups help?

Hello, my layout has been killing me; I have absolutely no idea what to add/delete/change in order as to get the following:

1) How do I get my navigational bar to show? This is the navigational bar that I want to show.
2) How do I enable the quick reply function? Right now whenever I click reply on a comment/entry in my codes, it brings me to the "=reply" page instead of loading the quick reply box in the same page.
3) My conceptual pop ups are not showing at all; How do I enable them?
4) Is there a way to change entry titles into a link that links directly to the entry like in flexible squares?

Here are my current codes; I understand that they might be outdated, but right now I have everything the way I like it except for the above problems. Thank you very much and I hope I can get this problem solved soon. D: