October 25th, 2010

* Sam - White - Don't Steal!

Memories and Tutorial Links

Hello is there a way to have the Memories and tutorial links updated?

Because Component is one of the most difficult layout and without the tuts, we, meaning the one who still love the to customize the layout are a little lost.

It would be more than awesome if someone would do that.

* Rob & Kris - Vanity Fair

Sidebar as Topbar

Name: marilla_pm67
Account: Permanent

I would like to modify a layout I already have :
- This is the live preview
- This is the theme I use

I know the question may be disturbing, but is there a way to have the sidebar as topbar in a Component Layout, it's bugging me for a whiloe now.

I really like what I did there, and if I could add the sidebar alonside from the navigation links, it would be perfect, but sadly, I can't figure the code out for myself, so any help would be greatly appreciate.