January 13th, 2012

KHR! » lambo-san

Changing the color of the line underneath the entry title

Anyone can help me with this? :D I couldn't figure out how to change that annoying black line's color. It's a single component layout and the original codes I got are from starstring. Everything is perfect except for this line >:|

I tried editing these over and over again but no luck :| A few friends told me its the .medLine and .dkLine but no luck~ I even replaced the "background" to "color" but nothing changes either(except that it got even worse LOL). I've already made sure there's no border at the bottom of the subject too.
.medLine {background: #fc93bb !important;}
.dkLine {background: #f87ead !important;}
.ltLine {background: #fdabca !important;}

Any help is appreciated. Thank you very much~! ♥