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"Picture to use:" dropdown menu in comments pages

  1. I have component set up with customizations. What I've noticed is that when I have the black background I want, the dropdown menu for user pictures ALSO has a black background. This would not be a problem if the text in that menu were white, or something, but it's black--I can't read anything in the dropdown menu unless I change the component background color. I don't want to do that--I want to only change the text color in dropdown menus to white.
  2. I have a permanent account.
  3. I'm pretty skilled with the hyper-text, and I have made websites. If you told me to make a table, no problem. If you told me something about the stylesheet, you'd have to tell me WHICH stylesheet and where it is--I've used CSS.
  4. I'm an S2 newb, so anything beyond the "customizations" menu that LJ has implemented I've not done. It seems ridiculously far from HTML, so I've not bothered to master it. BML was weird enough, but I've successfully built S1 styles. I really don't know how to make custom S2 styles, and FAQ's have not been entirely helpful.

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