Lurex (lurex) wrote in component_help,

I've just recently made the switch from S1 to S2 and coding prodigy: I am not. I think I've done a bang-up job on my own thus far, but now the time has come to ask for a little help.

#1 - I did manage to make my journal transparent, but probably not the proper way. I couldn't figure out how to do it (from the tutorial) and set the opacity so that it left the text and icons at 100% while muting the background. So if anyone can direct me to instructions on that...I'd really like to get rid of the little white specs at the corners and black borders of death that won't go away.

#2 - Also, try as I might, I can't make my free text font larger. Help!

But other than that, I think I'm in good shape. =)

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