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Palimg linkbar

Anyone familiar with how the palimg works? I've just switched over to a new layout, and I used to have the linkbar printed below the userpic (I used this tutorial), but the default gray of $e->print.linkbar() no longer fits in with the colors of my layout. I was wondering if there was any way I'd be able to recreate the linkbar so it could retain the layout colors but sit where I used to have it so it wouldn't take up width in my layout. Right now I have it set up the default way because I'd rather have the colors match than not.

Just as an estimate, how difficult do y'all think this would be to code? Is this even something I can reasonably do without having access to the source code?

I do have one idea about how to do it. Since I have all the code from before, would it be sufficient to call the palimg graphics from their present locations on the stat server, place them where the old linkbar was, and link them to the appropriate places? If I do it this way, I wouldn't imagine this would take too much fiddling with variables (since the edit and memories buttons use link variables $editlink and $memlink, right?), but I feel a little funny about hardcoding in the graphics when I'm sure there's a better way. Time to go play around on the test server, I suppose. :-P

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