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link targets and counters?

Hi! I'm trying out component and I really like the way it looks. At the moment, I only have two problems/questions:

I noticed that the only (?) way to put in extra links is on the "links page" ( But, it's a fill in the blanks sort of form, not HTML... and I absolutely hate when links open in the browser you're already using. I usually use target="_blank" after links, but since the "links page" is a form, it's not letting me do that. Is there any way I can override this, or any other way I can add links to my journal?

Also, before I started using component, I'd had a counter that I just added where the rest of my links were.... but again, since the links page is a form and not an area that accepts HTML, I can't add my counter. Is there any other way to add counters to my journal?

Thanks so much!

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