Kia - porque también somos lo que hemos perdido (no_remorse) wrote in component_help,
Kia - porque también somos lo que hemos perdido

The iframe calendar stylesheets

I have played around with Component's stylesheets because I wanted to have transparent entry and component boxes. I used a transparent gif as background, because the opacity, moz property doesn't show up in older browsers. (Which is pretty irrevelant, because I suspect that my problem would be still the very same if I had used the opacity/moz property.)

Now if I view this, everything is wonderfully transparent, just as I wanted it - until I click one month back in the calendar. My calendar background for July is transparent, the earlier months aren't, their background is still features the components' background colour.

The problem is that the calendar page that shows up in the iframe ( has this additional style sheet:

body {
background-image: none;
background-color: #f5f5f5;

Is there any way I can either alter that stylesheet or remove it from the calendar pages?

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