Raschelle (morbidpink) wrote in component_help,

I just started using s2/ component, and I'm in desperate need of help, lol. A few questions... (help is GREATLY appreciated.. I'm an idiot so bare with me lol)

1.) this about the color of links. my journal is mainly 2 different colors- black and #ff99dd (pink). well I was wondering how I can get the links on the pink part to always be black. and how I can get the links on the black part to always be pink? this may involve advanced customization which I am completely ignorant about. if anyone can help me, Id love you. lol

2.) regarding outlining color... there's like this dark hot pink outlining on my journal.. it's around the entries and it's a shadow of the little "previous" arrows. I was wondering how I can change this to white?

3.) I read the tutorial about adding components on the side, and found out that I must be a dummy (I can't figure it out.. i dont know what to put where, and so on.. im confused.)

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