Raschelle (morbidpink) wrote in component_help,

how FRUSTRATING!! I know nothing =(

all the S2 coding and overrides / advanced customization.. it's all a foreighn language to me. =(

I've figured out how to get to the area where I paste to codes though.. and I checked the tutorials and couldn't find one that told how to do this:

this deals with coloring. my navigation component is pink(ff99dd), and my entries boxes are black. I want the links on the black parts of my journal to be in ff99dd, however, if I do that, they don't show up on the pink part! problem with this is that I want the links on the pink areas of my journal to be black. =( I'm soo lost.
also some of the links on my navigation box will show up black at first, then Ill click one and they'll disappear back to pink! >:(


one more thing for now.. there's a dark hot pink outline on my journal, and I didn't put that color for any of the customizations. how can I change it?

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