allison (ladyofr0han) wrote in component_help,

Hello. I am pretty new at component, as you can most likely see by the look of my journal. Actually, I am pretty satisfied with what I've done, but there's a bit more that I don't know how to do.

1. How do I get rid of the title bar? Right now it's blank, since I erased my title, but it's annoying just there.

2. How do I do a list of links underneath my Music/Movies of the while boxes? Figured it out!

Thanks in advance!

Oh, and also: how can I customize what "profile", "links" and "calendar" say? I'd like them to be bold, like the "Music/Movies of the While" are.

And one last thing: How do I make the underline on the links go away? x_x

Once again, thanks!

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