Super Sima (marshallbmdaiii) wrote in component_help,
Super Sima

Scrolling Issues

First off I want to thank everyone here for the great tutorials and also for helping me fix problems in the past. I have one little problem that I need to address though.

When I view my journal I like to scroll down the page using my up and down keyboard keys.  For some reason on my journal scrolling is really slow for me and it continues scrolling even when I take my finger off the key. However on other component journals like this community's the scrolling is at normal speed and scrolling stops if I lift my finger off the key.  Does anyone know why this is happening and how I can fix it?

I'm pretty sure this problem is isolated to the coding in my customization because a friend of mine based her journal's customizations on my code and I'm having the same scrolling issue on her journal as well. You should be able to view my code if you need to because I have it set so that others can peek.

Thanks in advance!

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