A (bluebuckeye) wrote in component_help,

I'd like to thank tjackson for helping me out earlier. You're wonderful. Sadly though, I have another question.

I'm trying to put a scroll bar in my entries so that if there is a picture that is wider than normal, my page won't get all stretched out. I followed this tutorial on adding scrollboxes and made this change so that it would only affect the horizontal size and not the vertical size. Alas, it is not working how I want it. When I set the number of pixels I want the width of the div to be, it works on my computer at home. But at work I get a bunch of blank space to the right of the scroll bar but still in the entry area. What I mean is, on a larger screen the div only takes up part of the area for the entry, and not all of it, so in essence I have given myself a right margin. I tried setting the div size to 100% instead of a set number of pixels, and that doesn't seem to work at all. I don't get scroll bars to control the size of the entry and my page is stretched out. If I change the size to a smaller percentage, again I get essentially a right margin. Am I messing with the size of the wrong div?

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