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links list in scrollbar

I'd really, really like to put my links list in a scrollbar. Now, I know I could just write a component full of links, but I like the look of the links list, with the lines seperating the links and such. So, after futzing around all day, I came up with the following, which definitely affects the list somehow:

function Page::print_linklist() {


"""<div id="Layer1" style="position:relative; height:200px; z-index:1; overflow: auto;">""";





Now, if you look in my journal, you can see the mangled result. What am I doing wrong? Is my quest for a scrolling links list doomed to failure?

c'mon kunzite1, i know you can figure this out, because you're the bestest!

EDIT: BTW, I've seen on a few journals where you can allow the reader to choose what "skin" to view the journal in. I dimly recall seeing a post about how to do that months ago, but now I can't find it. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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