Slayer (slayergal666) wrote in component_help,

Additional Components

Hi, I read the Additional Components tutorial that's listed on the right side and I think I sis it all correctly.

Created a new theme and joined it with my User component layout. Copy and pasted the coding in the theme coding. Compiled. Saw nothing happened. Re-read the tutorial and now I'm utterly confused.

I only recently started coding with LJ (has recently as yesterday :P) and haven't gotten the full hang of the "fancy stuff" quite yet. I do know HTML and CSS very well so not being able to figure this one out on my own is very frustrating for me. I've been at it for 2 hours, lol.

Could anyone help me out with this? Or point me to a tutorial that I probably overlooked? I want to add at least two more tables underneath my calender. I've tried several things, but only managed to get the "Hearing and Watching" tables to repeat itself.

Thanks a bunch in advance.

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