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Just switched over fom Boxer...

Ok, I looked through the memories and the help on the right but wasn't able to find the stuff I'm specifically looking for so I figured I'd put it all in once post and see if anyone knows how to do any of these.

I just switched over form boxer and there are several things that I liked about it that I was hoping could make the transfer. This is my journal now.

1) I'd like the main entries area to move over to the left so that my background image is viewable (I've seen several tutorials for a top image, but nothing on a side image).

2) On my friends page in Boxer, I was able to view the colour-coding of my friendslist but in Component, it's just a tiny border around the userpic. Is there anyway to move the userpic, username, name, edit entry link, memories link, etc to the date bar or just above the entry? It takes up too much horizontal room on the side of the entry.

3) Instead of the text 'Leave a Comment' and '# Comments' how do I set the journal to show the images (the LJ ones, not ones I've created). I know this one has been answered but only if you're linking to ones you create yourself.

4) In both my friends page and entries page I'd like for each userpic to link to that user's User Pictures page.

If any of this has already been answered I apologise. I spent about an hour going through the entries trying to find the answeres but I still may have over looked it.

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