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Properties list

I tend to have a hard time finding the properties that I want to use if I don't already have them in my layers. They may be listed around here somewhere, but I haven't seen them. I looked around and found some of them listed out here and there, but not a full list. So I decided to go through and make a full list of properties, at least I think it's a full list. It's everything I found here along with a few others. If anyone knows of others that I don't have listed, let me know and I'll add them.

edit: Thanks kunzite1 for the links! All those properties were added to this list.

set calendar_active = "#dfdfdf";
set calendar_inactive = "#c8c8c8";
set color_comment_bar = "#d0d0ff";
set comments_bgcolor = "#e5e5e5";
set comments_screened_bgcolor = "#ececec";
set comp_bgcolor = "#f4f4f4";
set entry_bgcolor = "#ffffff";
set entry_fgcolor = "#6d6d6d";
set entry_link = "#333333";
set entry_link_visited = "#555555";
set header_bgcolor = "#e5e5e5";
set header_fgcolor = "#4d4d4d";
set inside_border = "#ffffff";
set main_bgcolor = "#ffffff";
set outside_border = "#7f7f7f";
set system_border = "#cccccc";
set comp_fgcolor = "#6d6d6d";
set header_fgcolor_lt = "#4d4d4d";
set header_link = "#333333";
set calendar_fgcolor = "#6d6d6d";

set page_background_image = "";
set background_position = "center";
set background_repeat = "repeat";
set background_scrolling = "scroll";

set font_family = "Arial, sans-serif";
set font_size = "normal";
set lineheight = 22;
set page_friends_items = 10;
set page_recent_items = 10;
set underline_links = "hover";
set view_entry_disabled = false;
set comp_state = "right";
set comp_friends = true;
set comp_navbar = true;

set text_post_comment = "leave a comment";
set text_reply_back = "leave a comment";
set comment_divider = "or";
set text_read_comments = "1 comment // # comments";
set text_read_comments_friends = "1 comment // # comments";
set text_post_comment_friends = "leave a comment";
set text_permalink = "Link";

set text_meta_music = "Music";
set text_meta_mood = "Mood";

set show_calendar = true;
set show_entry_userpic = true;
set show_entrynav_icons = true;
set show_entrypage_userpic = true;
set show_free_text = true;
set show_links = true;
set show_profile = true;
set show_recentnav_icons = true;
set show_summary = true;

set first_position = "navigation_order";
set second_position = "profile_order";
set third_position = "calendar_order";
set fourth_position = "links_order";
set fifth_position = "free_text_order";
set sixth_position = "summary_order";

set page_summary_text = "Page Summary";
set profile_text = "profile";
set free_text_text = "About this journal";
set links_text = "links";
set calendar_text = "calendar";

set show_calendar = true;
set show_free_text = true;
set show_links = true;
set show_profile = true;
set show_summary = true;

set nav_calendar_text = "calendar";
set nav_entries_text = "entries";
set nav_friends_text = "friends";
set nav_info_text = "user info";
set nav_text_back = "Previous";
set nav_text_forward = "Next";

set show_entry_userpic = true;
set show_entrypage_userpic = true;
set show_entrynav_icons = true;
set show_recentnav_icons = true;

set external_stylesheet = false;
set lang_current = "en";

set lang_dayname_long = ["", "Sunday", "Monday", "Tuesday", "Wednesday", "Thursday", "Friday", "Saturday"];
set lang_dayname_short = ["", "Sun", "Mon", "Tue", "Wed", "Thu", "Fri", "Sat"];
set lang_fmt_date_long = "%%month%% %%dayord%%, %%yyyy%%";
set lang_fmt_date_long_day = "%%day%%, %%month%% %%dayord%%, %%yyyy%%";
set lang_fmt_date_med = "%%mon%%. %%dayord%%, %%yyyy%%";
set lang_fmt_date_med_day = "%%da%%, %%mon%%. %%dayord%%, %%yyyy%%";
set lang_fmt_date_short = "%%m%%/%%d%%/%%yy%%";
set lang_fmt_month_long = "%%month%% %%yyyy%%";
set lang_fmt_month_med = "%%mon%% %%yyyy%%";
set lang_fmt_month_short = "%%m%%/%%yy%%";
set lang_fmt_time_short = "%%hh%%:%%min%% %%a%%m";
set lang_monthname_long = ["", "January", "February", "March", "April", "May", "June", "July", "August", "September", "October", "November", "December"];
set lang_monthname_short = ["", "Jan", "Feb", "Mar", "Apr", "May", "Jun", "Jul", "Aug", "Sep", "Oct", "Nov", "Dec"];
set reg_firstdayofweek = "sunday";

set linklist_support = true;
set page_day_sortorder = "forward";
set page_year_sortorder = "forward";
set page_month_textsubjects = true;
set use_shared_pic = false;
set view_entry_disabled = false;

set text_comment_date = "Date:";
set text_comment_from = "From:";
set text_comment_frozen = "Frozen";
set text_comment_ipaddr = "IP Address:";
set text_comment_parent = "Parent";
set text_comment_reply = "Reply";
set text_comment_thread = "Thread";
set text_day_next = "Next Day";
set text_day_prev = "Previous Day";
set text_max_comments = "Maximum comments reached";
set text_month_screened_comments = "w/ Screened";
set text_multiform_btn = "Perform Action";
set text_multiform_check = "Select:";
set text_multiform_conf_delete = "Delete selected comments?";
set text_multiform_des = "Mass action on selected comments:";
set text_multiform_opt_delete = "Delete";
set text_multiform_opt_freeze = "Freeze";
set text_multiform_opt_screen = "Screen";
set text_multiform_opt_unfreeze = "Unfreeze";
set text_multiform_opt_unscreen = "Unscreen";
set text_noentries_day = "There were no entries on this day.";
set text_noentries_recent = "There are no entries to display.";
set text_nosubject = "(no subject)";
set text_poster_anonymous = "(Anonymous)";
set text_reply_nocomments = "Comments have been disabled for this post.";
set text_reply_nocomments_header = "Comments Disabled:";
set text_skiplinks_back = "Previous #";
set text_skiplinks_forward = "Next #";
set text_view_archive = "Archive";
set text_view_friends = "Friends";
set text_view_friends_comm = "Members";
set text_view_friends_filter = "Friends (Custom filter)";
set text_view_friendsfriends = "Friends of Friends";
set text_view_friendsfriends_filter = "Friends of Friends (Custom filter)";
set text_view_month = "View Subjects";
set text_view_recent = "Recent Entries";
set text_view_userinfo = "User Info";
set text_website_default_name = "My Website";


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