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Problem with shrinking.,, Help!!!

I have followed the tutorial of Shrinking and Centering to copy and paste the codes and I spent hours playing with it. I still failed to shrink my page to a smaller percentage.

I was able to change the values of the width of margin of both sides, the width between entry box and components. But when I increased the width of these, the page would become bigger and I needed to use scolll bars in my browser to go back and forth to see the page.

Therefore, I tried change the line var string k1Swidth = "60%", even to smaller percentage. Let's say 50%, 40%, 30%, and so forth. But after refreshing many times, my page doesn't seem to shrink at all.

My goal is to shrink my page like what  lilkrayzeechick</b>did so that I can manipulate the width of
different things and my page will still fit into the browser without any scrolling.

Here's my code. Can anyone help me out??? Thank you very much.

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